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pointing to intersections of rules, infrastructure,
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This author

The author of this website is an independent scholar. She has been conducting research on the intersection of international law, energy, economic governance, and geopolitics for more than two decades. 

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On this point

Large infrastructure projects that involve actors from different countries and/or connect countries influence international affairs. The management and operation of the infrastructres requires regulatory frameworks. The point is that rules, infrastructure, and international developments interact with each other and shape new realities.




This site

The main purpose of this site is to create space for originality and creativity – both in writing and illustrating. Therefore, it uses a minimalist frame that helps present the author’s texts and illustrations without technical distractions.

The post section contains three forms of texts, i.e. original posts that discuss one topic,  reviews of recent books related to the author’s research, and retro reviews that discuss books older than five years.

The original posts concern topics that are relevant to the author’s research. The pictures are watercolours that the author draws and digitalises for the purpose of this website.

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 author and illustrator

Susann Handke

For more than two decades, I’ve been interested in the interaction between large infrastructure projects that link economies. These infrastructures create socio-technological realities; and their utilitisation requires regulatory frameworks on which all stakeholders agree. I’m particularly concerned with the functioning of such governance structures in the field of energy.

Through my studies and research I’ve acquired a profound knowledge of EU governance, geopolitics,  especially developments related to China and Russia, and environmental debates. My research focuses on energy affairs.



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